Our Diagnostics and Laboratory Services

In collaboration with the French Laboratory (Laboratoire Lepers, Marigot).

Diagnostics and Laboratory Testing

lab testing

In cooperation with an established French Laboratory (Laboratoire Lepers, Marigot), Mullet Bay Medical Clinic offers services of taking smaples on the spot. Most Test Results are available within 24 hours. Blood, Urine and other tests samples can be done on Monday-Friday BEFORE 11.30 AM. For glucose and cholesterol testing, a 12 hour fasting period is required.

  • INR
  • Patients on blood thinners can do their regular INR test on the spot. Resluts are ready within a few minutes.

  • Glucose Test / Urinalysis
  • Glucose tests and Urinalysis are instantly available.

  • Drug Screening
  • Instant drug screening of urine or saliva is available.

  • ECG
  • A FAA-certified electrocardiogram machine is available for patients.

  • Fetal Doppler
  • As of halfway the pragnancy you can listen to the baby's heart.

  • PAP Smear / Genetal Swabs
  • Mullet Bay Medical Clinic provides PAP Smears tests and Genital Swab tests.

  • Skin Lesions
  • Biopsies can be sent to the Patholgy Lab in France.

  • Audiometric Hearing Test
  • Mullet Bay Medical Clinic offers Audiometric Hearing Tests.

  • Radiological Exams
  • We can refer you to a private Radiologist. Imaging can be done with immidiate reports available.

  • CT/MRI Scans
  • Scans may be ordered through our clinic.

  • Laboratory
  • Mullet Bay Medical Clinic offers service of taking samples on the spot.