Our Medical Services

Consultations with General Practitioner/Family Doctor for all ages. Doctor on call 24/7. For emergencies call: 559-0444.

Medical Services

medical service

Mullet Bay Medical Clinic provides:

  • First Aid, Stitching of Lacerations
  • Nebulization of Asthma Attack
  • Minor Surgery, Ear Piercing, Cryotherapy for Warts
  • Gynaecological Exam, PAP Smear, Fetal Doppler, IUD ('coil', 'loop') Placement
  • Diagnostics: Laboratory Services, ECG, Audiometry, INR Testing, Drug Screening
  • Rental of Wheelchairs, Crutches and Nebulizers
  • Travel Clinic and Childhood Vaccinations

Medical Examinations

  • General and Insurance Physicals
  • Pre-Employment and Occupational Evaluation Physicals
  • Aviation Physicals
  • Maritime Physicals